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CITIZEN 村人(市民/人間)は特別な能力を持っておらず、昼のターンでの投票のみ行えます

WEREWOLF 人狼は夜のターンに人狼以外の人物を襲うことができます。

FORTUNE TELLER  村人チームに属する占い師(預言者)は、夜のパートでプレイヤーの中からひとりを選択し、人狼なのか人間なのかを占うことができます。

SHAMAN  霊媒師(霊能力者)は占い師同様、村人チームに属します。

KNIGHT  騎士(狩人/守護者/ボディガード)は、夜のパートでプレイヤーを1名選択して人狼から守ることができる村人チームの役職です。

PSYCHO   狂人(裏切り者/多重人格)は人狼チームのプレイヤーです。

CITIZEN 村人 Think of these characters as potential food for the werewolf. Their only goal is to figure out who the werewolf is.

WEREWOLF The antagonist. it comes around at night and eats its victims alive. As the werewolf, every night, you get to pick a Citizen to kill and remove from the game. 

FORTUNE TELLER  The fortune teller has the chance to discover the werewolf, and then try to persuade other players.The fortune teller gets the night to ask the moderator who the werewolf or citizen is. Their goal is to figure out who the werewolf is.

SHAMAN At night, shaman will know if the one removed was citizen or werewolf.

KNIGHT  The moderator will ask the knight who they want to save. The knight will not know the identities of the fortune teller nor the wolf’s victims. If the knight chooses the wolf’s intended prey, then that villager survives.

PSYCHO   During the first night only, the psycho is told who all of the wolf roles are, but not which roles each of them occupy. The wolves do not know who the minions are. Psycho are seen as citizen by the fortuneteller and shaman.

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